Ignite 2018 Presentation for Office & SharePoint – Microsoft Raises the Bar Again

This is an excerpt of a presentation that is making the rounds at SharePoint User Groups and other
events around the country and the world. Lots of information, I know, but it is just one example of how
SharePoint is continuing its rapid evolution. Here are a few things to note, specifically for SharePoint
Online, starting on page 8:
• Transcription for audio and video files, over 320 different types of files (p18)
• Enhanced Search determines where photos were taken and extracts text automatically (p19)
• Mobile Enhancements (p22, p29)
• Location Data type column with mapping (p24)
• Improved Column and View formatting with color-coding, integrated approvals & flows (pp 24-25)
• Readability, automatic summary, time to read, popularity tracking (p28)
• Lists & Libraries up to 30 Million items (p27)
• File Plan, Compliance Labels, and Sensitivity (pp30-32, pp58-71)
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