Make the Most of SharePoint…
with the Least Amount of Effort

SPorganizer automates every part of managing SharePoint – design, security, metadata, content, features, and more – all with a single solution. Make the data from your existing mission-critical systems work for you to continuously configure and maintain SharePoint to meet your constantly changing organizational needs.

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Simplify Every Aspect of Managing and Maintaining SharePoint

Structure, metadata, and content are emergent properties of any organization, and are constantly changing. Security is a form of metadata that must be continuously maintained as other changes are made. Changes can come from information identified within SharePoint itself, from other critical organizational systems, or from external requirements.

As a “next generation” solution, SPorganizer was not designed for a single specific use case, but for any use case.

Provisioning & Ongoing Maintenance

Most SharePoint sites have specific structures, configurations, permissions, and more that are required to make a site useful and secure for the organization. As business needs change, managing SharePoint grows in size and complexity over time. SPorganizer automates the creation and management of every part of SharePoint, including:

  • Architect new or modify existing site collections, sites, document libraries, content types, metadata, security, content, and lists of any kind quickly and easily
  • Align your SharePoint hierarchy to your information architecture, and modify it as your IA needs change
  • Tailor automation to your business systems and processes – not the other way around
  • Build or modify 10,000 sites as easily as 1 with powerful “Blueprints”
  • Control changes with role-based security, preview, and undo functionality


SPorganizer works with all modern versions of SharePoint, including 2013, 2016, Office 365, and hybrid environments. If you’re still on SharePoint 2007 or 2010, we can help you update and transform your environment.

Completely Scalable

Whether you have a single server, or an enterprise implementation across multiple geographies, SPorganizer easily handles them both.

Single Solution

Unlike point solutions that address a fraction of the needed management, SPorganizer can configure, manage, maintain, and secure every aspect of SharePoint.

Easy Implementation

Using a zero-footprint model, SPorganizer can be installed in minutes, without installing anything within your SharePoint environment.

Zero Scripting

SPorganizer doesn’t require any time-consuming, error-prone, tedious use of PowerShell.

Complete Visibility

Every part of SharePoint is exposed to SPorganizer, giving you total access to create, manage, monitor, or modify individual items, entire site collections, and everything in between.

Unlimited Flexibility

SPorganizer can leverage data from just about any enterprise data source to structure your SharePoint environment to best meet your changing business needs.

Fully Automated

Every management task – from simple configuration changes to complex updates – can be scheduled to streamline operations, keeping IT updated on ongoing status with SMS or e-mail notifications.


Leverage configuration blueprints to define automated tasks, ensuring accuracy and consistency across sites, servers, farms, and geographies.

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