Notice regarding Log4J: 

DocAuto has never used any Java components, including Log4J, in any DocAuto-developed products, and we have no plans to.

There are 3rd-party products that DocAuto has sold over the years, such as iManage (WorkSite/Work, DeskSite, FileSite, etc.),
RAVN Manage (HELM), ShareFile, and others where we cannot make the same assurances.  Please contact those vendors for specific information.

The most widely used solution for managing Matter-Centric environments in iManage


The most powerful solution for exporting iManage Work documents, preserving structure, metadata, and security, or migrating completely off of iManage


Real-time protection against content theft

The most powerful solution for importing documents into iManage Work, setting metadata and security, matching or creating structures, and more