WorkSite Exporter makes exporting iManage Work documents and their security, history, and metadata fast and easy.

WorkSite Exporter provides a simple, intuitive interface for doing bulk exports of iManage Work structures, documents, and data. Exports can be done directly from the desktop or using automated server-side processes. Use WorkSite Exporter for small batches, or to migrate all your content and organizational structures out of iManage to other platforms.

Fast, Flexible Exporting

Exports everything in one or more WorkSpaces or folders, or your entire iManage system

Preserves organizational structure of exported content if desired, or creates new organizational structures driven by document metadata, such as Author, Document Type, Creation Date, Client, Matter, etc.

Creates comprehensive log files of all content and structures exported, including metadata, security, and history values

Offers differential exporting options, such as only exporting new or changed content, for the fastest possible export of large WorkSpaces or differential exports during migrations

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