WorkSpace Manager is the gold standard for Matter-Centric management.

Whether you are running iManage on premises or in the cloud, WorkSpace Manager empowers you with all the functionality you need for full lifecycle management of your iManage Work environment. WorkSpace Manager is designed to seamlessly work with the iManage three-tier architecture. It is built for unparalleled scalability, performance, and reliability.

Easy WorkSpace Management

Create WorkSpaces with any possible structure using data from any number of external systems to control design, metadata, security, and more

Modify any aspect of WorkSpaces during production hours, including metadata, security, structures, links or shortcuts to documents, iManage Work validation metadata, and more

Flexible WorkSpace Distribution

Powerful publishing options

Publish groups of WorkSpaces for specified teams

Publish WorkSpaces to informational categories, such as “New WorkSpaces created this week” or “This week’s deadlines”

Dynamic Security Management

Define any combination of User and Group security using data from any number of external data sources, or pre-defined security data within the templates

Allow custom security on WorkSpaces or folders

Maintain ethical walls

Simple Document Provisioning

Eliminate unfiled or misfiled documents

Find documents based on any kind of search criteria, including orphaned or misfiled documents, and file them into the appropriate WorkSpaces and folders

Move or copy documents, pre-populate new WorkSpaces with forms, or move documents between iManage Work databases

Full Lifecycle Management

Consolidate databases, move WorkSpaces and content between databases, and automatically move inactive information from active databases to archives

Preserve document numbers as part of the process of moving documents between databases

Perform two-way translation of metadata and security values when moving content between two different iManage Work systems

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WorkSpace Manager

Find out how WorkSpace Manager can help you manage your entire iManage Work environment.

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