Simple Pricing, Simple Installation
$3,499 per administrator, or less

We care about our customers first. So, just like we’ve simplified our SPorganizer installation to just 3 minutes, we want to make it equally easy to do business with us through uncomplicated, flexible pricing that meets your organization’s unique needs and goals.

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Flexible Pricing Your Way

We see every customer as a unique situation – specific counts of knowledge users, the need for a perpetual license purchase or an annual subscription, etc. That’s why SPorganizer has several flexible pricing models to accommodate your specific needs.

1Administrator 5Administrators 24Administrators
1 Year Subscription $3,499 $9,622 Contact Us
2 Year Subscription $5,948 $16,358 Contact Us
3 Year Subscription $8,398 $23,093 Contact Us
Longer Term Subscription Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us


$3,4991 Year Subscription
$9,6222 Year Subscription
$8,3983 Year Subscription
Long Term SubscriptionContact Us


$9,6221 Year Subscription
$16,3582 Year Subscription
$23,0933 Year Subscription
Long Term SubscriptionContact Us


SPorganizer Pricing FAQs

Is pricing based on SharePoint administrators?

Yes, our pricing is based on the number of SharePoint Administrators who will be using SPorganizer.

What kinds of pricing models exist?

SPorganizer is available as an annual subscription model with a subscription length of 1, 2, or 3 years.

Are there different versions for on-prem and SharePoint Online?

No. SPorganizer was developed with the hybrid implementations in mind, as well as organizations that are upgrading to newer versions of SharePoint over time, where there is a need to support multiple different versions of SharePoint simultaneously. One job, one configuration, and one product can work simultaneously in all versions of SharePoint from 2013 and beyond.

What about implementation or professional services costs?

SPorganizer has zero footprint within SharePoint and installation takes less than 5 minutes. There’s no need for professional services for installation. We have a series of “How-To” video’s available to help you get SPorganizer installed and get the most value from SPorganizer.

Are there any usage limitations?

You can use SPorganizer to meet your current and future business needs.  We don’t charge additional fees for testing, development, disaster recovery, additional servers, or other cloud environments as you roll out SharePoint to accommodate growth.

Are there Support or Maintenance fees?

No, there are no support or maintenance fees. The annual subscription fee includes support, maintenance, and new versions of SPorganizer.

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