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The DocAuto Server 

The DocAuto Server™ is a unified tool set for creating, scheduling, managing, and executing jobs created and associated with the DocAuto Server's Modules, DocAuto legacy applications, and other 3rd-party applications. The DocAuto Server architecture provides an Administrator interface for job and system management and a Job Editor for job creation, scheduling, and modification.

The DocAuto Server includes three built-in specialty job modules:

  • The Generic Execute Module which allows nearly any application to utilize DocAuto Server's scheduling, job chaining, and logging capabilities
  • The Notification Module, which send customizable e-mail notifications to specific users based on the results of queries against any data source. The Notification Module can be configured to support a variety of functions, such as notifying users of staffing changes, automating onboarding documents, or even automating billing notices
  • The System Module, which allows for the creation of jobs that assist in monitoring and maintaining critical aspects of the DocAuto Server and provides powerful job log monitoring to ensure all jobs are running smoothly

These modules are built-in to DocAuto Server's installation package and do not require a separate download. However, these modules do have their own respective user guides.

buttons  Works with WorkSite, WorkSite in the Cloud, and SharePoint

The DocAuto Server Advantage

  • Simplified user interface for an intuitive user experience
  • High performance, state-of-the-art multi-tier, multi-service WPF/WCF architecture
  • Shared connections simplify the process of defining jobs and provide for better control of your secure systems
  • Built-in self-maintenance and monitoring capabilities provide notifications of system operations using SMTP e-mail or SMS messages


How DocAuto Server Can Help You 

  • Centralized management and scheduling for all your DocAuto Server jobs
  • Create and execute jobs with unmatched performance
  • Track job editing by user and run status in order to roll-back to working configurations if new configurations cause issues



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