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The DocAuto Server 

The DocAuto Server™ is a unified tool set for creating, scheduling, managing, and executing jobs created and associated with the DocAuto Server's Modules, DocAuto legacy applications, and other 3rd-party applications.  The DocAuto Server architecture provides an Administrator interface for job and system management and a Job Editor for job creation, scheduling, and modification.

DocAuto Server was created with scalability in mind, the end result being a versatile and powerful platform consisting of a multi-tier architecture using state-of-the-art components from Microsoft, Apache, and other proven sources.  With the addition of the Generic Execute Module, existing DocAuto legacy application jobs can be run on the DocAuto Server to provide better performance, scheduling, job chaining, and audit trails.

The DocAuto Server includes three built-in specialty job modules:

  • The Generic Execute Module, for running legacy DocAuto applications and other processes
  • The Notification Module, for generating notifications based on triggering events in external data sources
  • The System Module, for monitoring, maintaining, and generating specialized notifications on events and logging data within the DocAuto Server platform itself  

These modules are built-in to DocAuto Server's installation package and do not require a separate download. However, these modules do have their own respective user guides.

buttons  Works with WorkSite, WorkSite in the Cloud, and SharePoint

The DocAuto Server Advantage

  • Optimized User interface emphasizes administrative workflow
  • Separation of job creation and job administration
  • Significantly faster performance of WorkSpace Manager jobs
  • Data connections only have to be built once and can be shared with any job
  • Select from multiple deployment configuration options to optimize investment in existing infrastructure and achieve maximum performance
  • Confidently trust in the system's ability to self-maintain and provide continuous notifications on ongoing operations using SMTP e-mail, SMS, or RSS feeds


How DocAuto Server Can Help You 

  • Centralized management and scheduling for all your DocAuto Server jobs
  • Creates and execute jobs with unmatched performance
  • Flexibly build and expand DocAuto Server with product add-ons
  • Easily scheduled and managed jobs within an intuitive, logical, centralized user interface


The Generic Execute Module for DocAuto Server

The Generic Execute Module, or "GEM™", is an adapter module that allows just about any application (including batch files, custom-written software, PowerShell scripts, third-party software, and legacy DocAuto applications) to be run within the DocAuto Server platform in order to utilize the server's scheduling, job chaining, and logging capabilities.  GEM captures outputs, errors, and exit codes using flexible parsing, and allows users to monitor, track, and manage execution history, as well as generate notifications based on process results, to improve processes and workflows.  Using GEM with legacy DocAuto applications allows users to migrate to the DocAuto Server architecture at their own pace.  This gives users access to DocAuto Server's features and functionality while still using the jobs and configurations of legacy DocAuto products.

The Generic Execute Module is built-in to DocAuto Server's installation package and does not require a separate download. However, this module does have its own user guide and job configuration guide.


The Notification Module for DocAuto Server

The Notification Module™ provides the capability to send customizable e-mail notifications to specific users based on the results of queries against any data source. This module notifies users when specific events take place in external systems and sends notifications to hard-coded or data-driven e-mail addresses for each record returned within the query for which the job is configured.

The Notification Module can be configured to support a variety of functions such as:

  • E-mails to attorneys, records, staff etc., concerning documents, folders, or WorkSpace creation or modification
  • E-mails to practice groups, conflicts, records etc., concerning ethical wall security or security changes on structures or documents
  • Notifications of staffing changes or onboarding notifications from staffing systems
  • Notifications of court dates, driving directions to courthouse, any extra filing information for attorneys
  • Notifying clients/attorneys/vendors of billing information
  • Automating billing notices
  • Notifying accounting staff of overdue bills

The Notification Module is built-in to the DocAuto Server's installation package and does not need to be downloaded separately. However, this module does have its own user guide and job configuration guide.

The System Module for DocAuto Server

The System Module allows for the creation of jobs that assist in monitoring and maintaining critical aspects of the DocAuto Server.  This module gives users the option to delete log files and job history records based on job type, job status, or age, thus maximizing the use of the database and other system resources while the DocAuto Server is running.  The System Module also provides powerful job log monitoring and notification capabilities so that users have the confidence that things are running smoothly across the DocAuto Server.

System Module is built-in to DocAuto Server's installation package and does not need to be downloaded separately. However, this module does have its own user guide and job configuration guide.


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