Content Management Consulting Services

Developing a robust and flexible content management strategy is the foundation of a cohesive content lifecycle strategy. It is vital that the content strategy fulfill organizational requirements and support document, e-mail, records management, knowledge management, risk management, business intelligence, and other tactical and strategic objectives. Our Professional Services team organizes and collaborates with your team to scope, plan, implement, deploy, and support your organization’s content strategy, while assessing your content management environment’s health, capacity, and scalability. Our Professional Services team ensures your strategic and operational goals are attained and maintained going forward.

Content Migration and Consolidation Consulting and Services

Whether your organization is implementing a new system, merging systems, or has simply outgrown its current infrastructure, fixing content management issues related to your content management system can be a complex undertaking. DocAuto’s Professional Services team has unrivaled knowledge and experience migrating content management systems and have developed a structured and reliable migration process. Content migration and consolidation services include detailed planning and validation, migration design and analysis, end user impact and adoption guidance, testing, production support, and training. Our team is here to make your content management system migration or consolidation as easy as possible.

iManage Work Consulting Services

iManage Work provides endless ways to efficiently organize your content and simplify business processes, however, regular assessments, maintenance, and upgrades are necessary to optimize your system. With over 20 years as an iManage Partner, DocAuto has amassed extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of iManage Work, allowing our Professional Services team to provide superior iManage Work services.

iManage Work Application Upgrades

iManage Work upgrades not only greatly benefit your environment, but also introduce concerns as dependent applications may require re-configuration or experience compatibility issues. Before performing application upgrades, our Professional Services team conducts a thorough analysis of your environment, applications, and the desired iManage Work software to determine the requirements, benefits, risks, dependencies, and potential impact. The Professional Services team then executes the upgrade plan while minimizing risks and controlling the impact of introducing the new iManage Work version into the environment.

iManage Work Database Consolidation

Database consolidations are a major strategy to enhance operational efficiencies. Consolidations not only reduce system costs and complexity, but also improve performance, security, agility, and simplify content retrieval and management. Our solutions perform consolidations while source and target systems are in production and migrate non-matter-centric environments, implement new matter-centric structures, or merge non-matter-centric content with existing matter-centric structures instantaneously.

Additionally, DocAuto has vast experience and unique capabilities to consolidate two different iManage Work systems as part of an organizational merger, including the bi-directional translation of content or structure metadata and security. DocAuto can also assist in splitting content from one or more source systems into separate production and archive systems simultaneously.

iManage Work Health Check

Regular assessment and analysis of your iManage Work environment can identify problems and areas for improvement, address utilization levels and growth needs, and contribute to higher iManage Work reliability and availability. Our Professional Services team has unparalleled iManage Work experience and can perform a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your iManage Work environment to provide findings and prioritized recommendations that can be used to remediate issues with your environment or be incorporated into your organization’s strategic planning efforts to improve user adoption and efficiency.

Matter-Centric Readiness Reviews & Deployments

Matter Centricity represents a major change in managing large volumes of documents, but requires careful planning, design, implementation, testing, ongoing support, and training. To support this effort, our Professional Services team conducts Matter-Centric readiness reviews by first working with you to understand the business requirements for Matter Centricity and then analyzing your current content management environment. Our team then identifies changes to improve end-user experience while minimizing operating costs and risks. Our team develops content management infrastructure designs with options that incorporate the business, end user, traffic, and performance requirements while considering the most current technology and recommended best practices to create a robust, scalable, and functional Matter-Centric environment.

If your company is already Matter-Centric but your environment no longer meets the organization’s needs, our Professional Services team can review your Matter-Centric environment and provide recommendations or services to help improve its design. These reviews align your current vision with the strategic and operational objectives to address document, e-mail, and records management objectives. Having assisted numerous AMLaw Top 200 and Fortune 500 organizations with the definition, design, planning, implementation, and deployment of Matter Centricity, DocAuto is uniquely positioned to effectively and efficiently assess deployment plans and maximize Matter-Centric adoption.