SharePoint is delivering hundreds of new capabilities that many companies are still struggling to adopt. Instead, they’re mired down in the complexities and complications of prior releases, outdated workflows, and massive shifts in business priorities. Too many organizations have orphaned SharePoint implementations because of poor insight into what their business users needed, or implementations that were suitable at the time they were rolled out, but were difficult or impossible to change going forward without expensive consultants or other technical bottlenecks.

At DocAuto, we’ve taken our 20 years of experience in helping companies leverage enterprise content management (ECM) systems and made it simple for you to get more out of your SharePoint platform – and fast. We’re talking minutes instead of months. Our SharePoint solutions can be deployed in hours, and will make a positive impact on your business on day one. Don’t waste another day. Let DocAuto prove to you how we can help put SharePoint to work for you now!

If you’ve tried point solutions that only solve some of your SharePoint problems and cost you thousands of wasted dollars, you need to look at DocAuto’s fresh approach to SharePoint management. DocAuto has built a suite of software solutions that work cohesively to deliver the most comprehensive yet simple SharePoint offering on the market today.

How did we do it? We began with the end in mind and we built our solutions based on the capabilities of the entire platform. Our team dissected every component of SharePoint and built software solutions that make SharePoint easy to use, less expensive to manage, and faster to deploy with fewer resources. And the best part is, our experts can get you up and running within hours. Let us prove to you how DocAuto can help you finally put your SharePoint system to work for your organization!

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Easily discover, secure, share, and manage your entire SharePoint environment – all from a single, easy-to-use interface.

ePredict for Sharepoint

Capture and control e-mail content with the same precision you do other enterprise content within your SharePoint environment.