Security protocols for enterprise content are a must- have in today’s world of cyberattacks and elevated awareness of security risks. Most organizations have protocols in place, but don’t have the systems to ensure they are followed consistently across their enterprise.

While SharePoint offers powerful security capabilities, the complexities associated with deploying and managing these controls make it challenging. With DocAuto security solutions, your security settings can be managed from a single location. By simplifying the way this is done, you can more rapidly deliver what the business needs without worrying about how secure your content will be.

DocAuto’s approach to security management also allows you the flexibility to implement a control system even though you’ve never had anything in place before, or the management of security has been done manually or on an ad hoc basis, or you have complex mission-critical system that maintain master definitions of how security should be defined and maintained, and you need a better way to enforce these security settings on your SharePoint system, and all of the sites, libraries, and content stored in SharePoint.

We can also work backwards from SharePoint, and use the current security configuration to build a security data profile that you can then analyze, change where necessary to achieve compliance, then implement those changes back into SharePoint.

Billions of dollars are wasted every year by companies who were not able to keep their intellectual property and enterprise content secure. DocAuto allows you to set the parameters and protocols once, and forget them. You can spend your time proactively managing the priorities of your business.

Learn how DocAuto solutions can help your organization more securely build, share, and manage your enterprise content with less effort.

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