If you look under the hood of any high-growth business, you’re certain to find content management chaos across virtually all departments. Vulnerabilities can be found around every corner. Sporadic attempts to plug holes here and there have resulted in disparate systems with varying levels of control. Helping you gain control over this chaos without stifling the growth and agility of your business is what we are all about at DocAuto!

Most companies adopted SharePoint with ambitious plans in mind, which is not surprising given the power of the platform. But with that power comes complexities. These complexities lead to sprawling enterprise of SharePoint farms, frustrated business users, and teams of IT resources struggling to meet the ever-growing needs of the business.

DocAuto software solutions were built with these challenges in mind. We created software solutions that help expose the powerful capabilities of the entire SharePoint platform in an easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to manage fashion. No more PowerShell scripts. Eliminate tasks that churn endlessly only to fail or not return meaningful data. Agile decision-makers rarely have the luxury of time or the patience to wait on IT.

DocAuto solutions give you one central location from which you can manage all the discovering, securing, sharing, and managing of your content within the SharePoint framework – but without all the complexities. Try our fresh approach to your age-old SharePoint management problems, including: