With a single click, users can upload, e-mail, or download documents between iManage Work and Citrix ShareFile. The WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile is a lightweight add-in to iManage DeskSite or FileSite.

Integration with ShareFile

Browse, upload, and send iManage Work documents to ShareFile from any document view

Add, edit, or delete ShareFile folders and documents from within DeskSite or FileSite

Edit titles and details of files uploaded to ShareFile within iManage Work

View WorkSite Organizer for ShareFile within the dialogs used to access iManage Work from other applications

One-Click Operations

Easily export files from iManage Work, import the files into ShareFile, and create an e-mail message containing the ShareFile links

Download ShareFile documents as new iManage Work documents or new versions of existing documents

Easy Administration

Install and manage settings through Group Policies, making deployment fast and easy

Encrypt files using AES256 encryption

Password protect documents and store passwords in ShareFile as hidden metadata

Record document events performed with ShareFile in the iManage Work history

Manage maximum expiration dates for links

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