DocAuto's Refiling Module moves metadata and security refiling to the server side, eliminating user confusion and frustration with tedious desktop refiling. This solution simplifies your users' day-to-day experience and helps enforce the consistent application of metadata and security policies. At the same time, you will be preserving audit trails and improving the performance of your iManage Work Servers.

Improved User Experience

Eliminates failure-prone and tedious client-side refiling

Removes all user prompts for refiling, eliminating the need to train users on refiling complexities

Automates refiling with no end user action required

Permits documents existing in multiple folders to have “accumulated” security to ensure compliance with all ethical wall and other security requirements simultaneously

Allows custom additional security ACLs to remain on documents after refiling

Enhanced System Performance

Provides significantly faster than native refiling

Improves the performance of iManage Work servers

Enforces consistent application of metadata and security policies

Only changes values that need to be changed

Reduces load on IDOL indexers

Control of Changes

Refiles metadata and/or security as documents are added to, or moved between, folders or WorkSpaces

Provides comprehensive compliance refiling of all WorkSpaces, folders, and documents

Filters WorkSpaces, folders, or searches by any combination of metadata, security, or parent-child relationships between structures

Controls which metadata fields are changed on documents or structures, when, and why

Audit Trail

Tracks metadata and security changes in document history, providing user-visible auditing using native iManage Work capabilities

Includes prior values as well as new values

Excludes specific users or metadata changes from history tracking when needed

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