iMPrivate uses iManage's approved 3-tier architecture and works with on-premises or cloud-hosted iManage Work.

iMPrivate allows administrators to define ethical walls internally or by using existing external data sources. iMPrivate also performs "surgical" security ACL addition, removal, or modification, without damaging other security settings on documents. Preview security changes before putting them into production.

3-Tier Security Management

Secures documents based on any combination of metadata, including full text search parameters

Adds, removes, or modifies security without altering other security settings

Provides its own security designer interface or pulls data directly from external systems to build and maintain ethical walls

Uses iManage Work’s 3-tier architecture for native support of on-premises or cloud-hosted iManage Work

Offers security set previews before deployment to verify what changes will take place

Performs bulk security clean-up operations, such as removing disabled user or group ACLs from all documents, to improve system efficiency and performance

Records detailed security changes in document history

Enforces consistent application of metadata/security policies

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