Helm is the only application to provide unique IDOL-specific functionality while continuously monitoring IT infrastructures such as: iManage Work DMS, COMM Server, SharePoint services, Microsoft SQL server, third party applications, all components of any IDOL or IUS environment, and more. Detect, alert, anticipate and prevent system issues with Helm.

Customizable Alerting

Send notifications when specific KPI values cross configured thresholds

Receive alerts if specific values or patterns are detected in any log files

Define the types of activities that generate alerts

Centralized Control

Automate and centralize administration tasks

Centralized view of environment components and dependencies

Start/stop individual IDOL, iManage Work, SharePoint farm services, or more from a single interface

Real-Time Monitoring

Continuously test the functionality of your full text indexer services

Monitor a wide variety of services and applications

Monitor and alert on key IDOL data points, and a variety of SharePoint services

Preventative Maintenance

Schedule jobs that automate IDOL indexer maintenance tasks

View maintenance job output log files from all of your servers on one web page

Comprehensive Reporting

Graphs and reports on historical trends of any component

Overlay and view charts from various data points coming from different components

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