For most organizations e-mail is the largest volume of electronic content and contains core business knowledge.

Unfortunately, ineffective e-mail management not only presents risk and compliance problems, but also prevents your employees from quickly finding the content they need to keep up with business demands. With DocAuto’s ePredict solution, you can make sure that you are protecting valuable e-mail content, while making it easier to access and share.

Effortless User Experience

Gain real-time, “zero additional click” tagging of sent and received e-mail messages

Easily tag messages individually or in bulk

Find e-mail content faster

No interference with normal mail composition flow

Dynamic E-Mail Folder Creation

Automatically create e-mail filing folders and Outlook categories based on data from any data source

Continuously optimize views for individual employees

File e-mail on any device without any additional software

Powerful, High-Performance Processing

Automatically import Exchange content into iManage

Filter messages based on any criteria

Perform continuous or batch migrations of content into iManage

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