DocAuto's DocID products ensure your document identification information is correct, up to date, and applied to every document created and saved in your system. DocID solutions help you make sure that information never damages existing document body, header, or footer content. DocAuto also offers DocID Enterprise Edition for even greater configuration and document identification functionality.

Comprehensive ID Capabilities

Inserts a Document ID in the header, footer, or body of any Word document

Enables full customization to include document number, version number, static text, or any combination of document profile information

Supports placement on the first page, last page, all pages, all pages except first page, etc.

Permits manual or automatic ID updating during open, save, save as, edit profile (properties), or print commands

Permits setting no ID in specific documents or document sections

Provides simple administrative deployment

Enterprise version supports multiple layouts and automatic layout selection based on any combination of document profile information

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