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WorkSite Exporter

Whether dictated by mobile or remote groups, mergers and acquisitions, employee departure policies, off-line archiving, e-discovery, or other needs, WorkSite Exporterâ„¢ makes exporting iManage Work documents and their security, history, and metadata fast and easy.  This powerful desktop product is an add-in to the DeskSite or FileSite clients that can be distributed to selected users or system administrators.

WorkSite Exporter also includes the WorkSite Exporter Stand-Alone Utility, which runs exports without using DeskSite or FileSite.  This application allows exports to be driven using a combination of pre-set configuration information, command-line parameters, or data driven queries that can be integrated with any kind of external application.  The application is also unaffected by iManage Work's 9,999 item limit, thus allowing clients to truly perform mass exports without the need to break the exports into smaller segments.  Exports can be automated to run on schedules, or be chained from other DocAuto Server Module jobs in order to export as part of a workflow process.  Each export can also notify predetermined users when the job has completed, if desired.

WorkSite Exporter licensees may use either or both the WorkSite Exporter Add-in to DeskSite or FileSite, or the WorkSite Exporter Standalone Utility.  Separate downloads and User Guides are available in the Downloads tab.

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The WorkSite Exporter Advantage

  • Exports everything in one or more WorkSpaces or folders
  • Works in matter-centric or non-matter centric systems
  • Preserves organizational structure of exported content
  • Creates comprehensive log files of all content and structures exported, including all metadata, security, and history values
  • Offers differential exporting capabilities, such as only exporting new or changed content, for the fastest possible export of large WorkSpaces
  • Works with DocAuto's iImport product to provide full "round-tripping" of content out of and back into iManage Work
  • Provides detailed reports, with user-specified data fields, of all files and structures exported
  • Records the historical events of export activity on individual documents
  • The Standalone Utility is unaffected by the iManage Work client's 9,999 item limit

How WorkSite Exporter Can Help You

  • Save time by performing mass exports in one pass
  • Systematically exports either specified content or all content in one or more WorkSpaces or folders while preserving organizational structures of the exported content, if desired
  • Rapidly conducts differential exports for updates, only exporting new or changed content
  • Intuitively creates an exhaustive set of reports and logs that allow easy viewing of all structural and document metadata, security, history, and more
  • Offers greater flexibility by providing an optional way of scheduling un-attended Worksite Exporter jobs through its command-line parameter options
  • For those client's that use the DocAuto Server Platform, un-attended Worksite Exporter jobs can be scheduled, logged and job completion notifications sent to appropriate resources


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