Meet the Team

Focused on delivering next generation SharePoint and iManage software solutions

Our Mission

At DocAuto, we’re a team of highly experienced technical professionals who bring a fresh, new approach to solving today’s enterprise problems associated with content management. Even though we’ve been doing this for more than 20 years, we are constantly delivering new innovative solutions that equip IT and business leaders with intuitive software to run a more agile, secure, and collaborative business. We believe the secret to success is all about taking the complexities out of managing SharePoint and iManage, increasing user adoption, and empowering users to do what they do best. And that’s exactly what our solutions do.



Our Success

We get it. We’ve been there – done that. In fact, we’ve done it thousands of times. We’ve dedicated our careers to helping people just like you tackle the impossible. Whether your organization is just starting with content management systems, like SharePoint or iManage, or your company has grown faster than you can effectively plan, implement and manage, we can help.

IT and business leaders to come to us to gain better control of their environments. The power of these systems and the resulting complexities have gotten out of hand, and they are looking for a better, simpler way to gain control of the chaos, and help move the business forward.

Today, our software solutions empower companies around the world to manage and secure mission-critical environments. And we’ve been recognized by several leading organizations for our customer service, which includes getting most of our customers up and running quickly. Let us show you our fresh approach to achieving success today.



Our History

In 1997, we started out as a specialty IT consulting shop, led by highly qualified IT leaders and programmers focused on helping organizations get back on track. Over time, we found ourselves solving the same problems over and over again, no matter what size or shape our clients were. We decided there had to be a better way to help our customers achieve their goals faster with less resources and to do so on a consistent, ongoing basis – because that’s what we wanted when we were in your shoes.

That’s when we started building software solutions that allowed our team to quickly replicate success for our clients. Products like WorkSpace Manager were born. Today, our products solve the toughest challenges almost all organizations face – out of control content; multiple, disparate point solutions; cumbersome interfaces; and lack of business user adoption – which all lead to wasted time, money, effort, and ultimately to chaos.

DocAuto delivers a suite of software solutions for SharePoint and iManage that make it easy for you to manage the discovering, securing, sharing and managing of information from a central system. Once DocAuto solutions are set up, you can easily process business requests within hours instead of months. You can actively drive strategic initiatives instead of wasting valuable IT resources on mundane tasks. Your business can move forward quickly with confidence that your intellectual property and mission-critical content is secure. Learn more about our solutions today.



Next Generation SharePoint Solutions

DocAuto solutions help you manage all aspects of your SharePoint and iManage systems’ lifecycle versus point solutions that only address specific functionality. 

Immediate, Actionable Data

DocAuto solutions deliver answers in minutes versus months to help you get out of a state of perpetual preparation and help you execute your plans.

Unlimited Flexibility

Regardless of where your data is, what system it is in, or what you want to do with it, DocAuto can make it work for you in SharePoint or iManage Work.

Ease of Use

DocAuto solutions are designed to provide an intuitive way to accelerate user adoption and maximize the value of your SharePoint and iManage environments.