E-mail is the primary communication mechanism most businesses use for the sharing of ideas and information with people inside and outside of their organizations. Despite the fact that e-mail is one of the most valuable institutional assets, many companies don’t handle it properly when it comes to their enterprise content management (ECM) initiatives.

With DocAuto, you can now apply the same secure content management principles and policies to your e-mail communications. You get a consistent and predictable way of capturing and managing the critical communication that flows through your company’s e-mail system every day. You can be confident that the information is being properly protected, stored, and managed, yet still made accessible when needed. The best part is, business users no longer waste countless hours digging for that one document or piece of information to help them make decisions and move forward with ease.

DocAuto’s e-mail management solutions cover a wide array of use cases, from migrating entire mailboxes out of Exchange into SharePoint as part of departed user archiving, to real-time predictive analytics while a user is composing a message to recommend the best possible filing location for that message.  ePredict learns as users use it to continuously improve the quality of predictions.  We also empower users to file messages to SharePoint on any mobile device, regardless of operating system, without installing any additional software on the device.

Managing the important communication that flows freely every day through your company’s e-mail system can be overwhelming. That’s why DocAuto created the industry’s best solution that can help you intuitively capture, manage, secure, and share e-mail content – ePredict.

“E-mail servers were never designed to act as repositories for such great quantities of e-mails and move control of this information away from the organization. Without the management of e- mails, it is difficult for organizations to meet their legal preservation requirements in the event of litigation and government investigations, increasing the effort and cost in responding to eDiscovery and disclosure.”

AIIM (Association of Information and Image Management)