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E-mail content represents the largest volume of content stored by most organizations today. Ineffective e-mail management not only presents problems from a risk management and records management standpoint, but also prevents users from accessing or locating relevant content. DocAuto's E-mail Management Solutions provide an easy way to capture e-mail content as it is created without burdening busy users with tedious and repetitive filing operations. Our Solutions provide users with easy ways to identify what e-mail content should be filed to iManage Work or SharePoint using Outlook on their desktop, Outlook Web Access (OWA), or any mobile device. Our Solutions also provide System administrators with full control to migrate any type of Exchange content and easily bulk process specific legacy content or entire mailboxes of departed users.

DocAuto's E-mail Management Suite for iManage Work works with Exchange 2007 or later and does not require the Communications Server or the EFS/WCS Server. Our client-side components work with Outlook 2010 or later.

DocAuto's E-mail Management Suite for SharePoint works with Outlook 2010 or later, SharePoint 2010 or later, and Exchange 2010 or later.

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