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ePredict for WorkSite or SharePoint

ePredict™ provides real-time "zero additional click" tagging of mail messages by predicting and suggesting WorkSite destination folders or SharePoint document libraries and folders based off of the e-mail's addresses and subject line text.  ePredict tags messages that are then processed on the server-side by DocAuto's Exchange Importer Module.  This Outlook add-in provides a simple, intuitive interface with immediate predictive results that are based on prior user activity.

buttons  Works with WorkSite WorkSite in the Cloud and SharePoint

The Advantages of ePredict

  • Automatically predicts filing locations for sent and received messages
  • Predictions improve as outbound e-mails are composed; no user interaction required
  • Improves predictions by utilizing historical data from previously tagged messages
  • Provides detailed reports of factors that lead to the predictions
  • Tags messages using the subject line, native Outlook categories, folders, or native MAPI properties
  • Persistent tags and automatic filing of later e-mails in the same conversation
  • Automatically generates Outlook folders based on a tagged e-mails
  • Drag and drop e-mails into these folders even when offline
  • Link existing Outlook folders to WorkSite destinations using the folder linker capability
  • No extra steps to file e-mails: filing is determined during composition
  • Server-side processing of messages into WorkSite or SharePoint ensures that users do not have to wait for time-intensive processes while trying to send e-mails
  • Familiar browsing pane that allows users to manually select targets in WorkSite or SharePoint
  • Configurable user interface
  • Optional tag encryption to prevent sensitive information from being exposed to external recipients
  • Ability to exclude specific words, e-mail addresses, or domains from predictions (i.e. "do not predict if the recipient is "@yahoo.com")

The Benefits of Implementing ePredict

  • Some products simply provide a list of suggested locations without giving any reason why those predictions were chosen; ePredict shows the user exactly how confident it is in its predictions
  • Reliably predicts, in real-time, the matter with which each communication should be tagged, all while providing active results on why the prediction was chosen
  • Uses the address and subject lines to intelligently tag the message based on historical user behavior
  • Seamlessly integrates without impacting or effecting Microsoft Office
  • Instantaneously tag messages with client and matter even if no corresponding SharePoint document library or WorkSpace exists
  • Simply integrates with Exchange Importer Module for de-duping, phased processing, and a higher-level of security management
  • Administrator-distributable configuration files to ensure consistent behavior and product experience throughout the users' environments


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