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ePredict for iManage Work 

ePredict™ provides real-time "zero additional click" tagging of mail messages by predicting and suggesting iManage Work destination folders based on the e-mail's addresses and subject line text. ePredict tags messages that are then processed on the server side by the DocAuto Exchange Importer Module (EIM). ePredict's Outlook add-in provides a simple, intuitive interface with immediate predictive results that are based on prior user activity. Version 2.0 includes significant performance improvements and new features, including powerful bulk-tagging capabilities and enhanced support for Outlook 2013.

ePredict also works with SharePoint, click here to learn more.

buttons  Works With WorkSite and WorkSite in the cloud

The Advantages of ePredict

  • Automatically predicts filing locations for sent and received messages
  • Dynamic predictions are made as addresses are added and the subject line is entered
  • Improves predictions by utilizing historical data from previously tagged messages
  • Indicates and ranks the confidence level for each prediction
  • Tags messages using the subject line, Outlook categories, folders, or hidden MAPI properties
  • Bulk tag messages without tying up your machine
  • Automatically generates Outlook folders based on tagged e-mails
  • Drag and drop e-mails into these folders even when offline
  • Bulk clean-up options including the ability to quickly reorganize manually created folder structures and native folder structures
  • Link existing Outlook folders to iManage Work destinations using the folder linker capability
  • Server-side processing of messages into iManage Work ensures that users do not have to wait for time-intensive processes while trying to send e-mails
  • Configurable user interface
  • Optional tag encryption to prevent sensitive information from being exposed to external recipients
  • Ability to exclude specific words, e-mail addresses, or domains from predictions (i.e. "do not predict if the recipient is "@yahoo.com")

The Benefits of Implementing ePredict

  • Some products simply provide a list of suggested locations without giving any reason why those predictions were chosen; ePredict shows the user exactly how confident it is in its predictions
  • Reliably predicts, in real-time, the matter with which each communication should be tagged, all while providing active results on why the prediction was chosen
  • Uses the address and subject lines to intelligently tag the message based on historical user behavior
  • Seamlessly integrates without impacting Outlook performance
  • Instantaneously tag messages with client and matter even if no corresponding WorkSpace exists
  • Manage configurations for users with group policies for easy deployment and support


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