• 4/14/205 - DocAuto Releases ePredict 2.0 for Improved E-Mail Management for WorkSite

    April 14, 2015 - DocAuto, Inc., a globally trusted leader in Enterprise Content Management solutions and services, has released a new version of their "zero additional click" predictive e-mail tagging solution.

    ePredict™ 2.0 provides real-time tagging of Outlook e-mail messages by predicting and suggesting WorkSite destination target WorkSpaces or folders based off of the e-mail's addresses and subject line text.  This new version of ePredict includes additional capabilities for bulk tagging and message clean-up, an improved interface for multi-server and multi-database environments, a more powerful and flexible user interface, and improved data management for faster performance. These new features provide users with even faster, easier ways to process e-mails into WorkSite.

    ePredict is a part of DocAuto's E-Mail Management Suite of solutions designed to provide users with easy ways to identify what e-mail content should be filed to WorkSite.  These solutions work with Outlook, Outlook Web Access, or any mobile device without any additional software.  DocAuto is holding two webinars on Thursday, April 23rd to given an in-depth overview and demonstration on the new features of ePredict 2.0.  For more information or to register for these webinars, please click here.

  • 4/9/205 - DocAuto Releases IDOLytics, Enterprise Content Management Analytics for WorkSite IDOL

    April 9, 2015 - DocAuto, Inc., a globally trusted leader in Enterprise Content Management solutions and services, has released IDOLytics™, the first solution to bring high-powered Enterprise Content Management Analytics to the WorkSite IDOL search engine.

    IDOLytics is the only solution that decrypts WorkSite IDOL search data, allowing administrators to view, monitor, and track IDOL searches in real time and easily perform analysis on searches using combinations of profile metadata values.  With IDOLytics, administrators can reduce risk by monitoring and alerting restricted or sensitive search terms or ethical wall penetration attempts, as well as improve IDOL performance by identifying peak search engine utilization time periods and ensure users are finding valuable information quickly and efficiently.

    "Due to the encryption of WorkSite IDOL search logs, monitoring and tracking IDOL searches has been impossible until now", states David Kiefer, CEO of DocAuto, "However, viewing how the extensive IDOL architecture is being utilized by end users is critical  to improving security, system performance, and ongoing user support and training.  IDOLytics puts the power of real-time analysis in the hands of management and allows for this critical data to be utilized for the first time."  To learn more about the features and functionality of IDOLytics, DocAuto invites you to join their upcoming webinars on Comprehensive System Monitoring and Analysis on Tuesday, April 21st.  For more information, please click here.

  • 4/8/2015 - DocAuto Quarterly Newsletter

    APR-2015-Newsletter-1In This Issue:

    • DocAuto's 18th Anniversary
    • Welcome Tony Doming
    • Upcoming Events & Webinars
    • Product Announcements
    • April 2015 Newsletter


  • 4/2/2015 - DMS Expert Tony Doming Joins DocAuto’s Professional Services Team

    April 2, 2015 - DocAuto, a globally trusted leader in Enterprise Content Management solutions and services, announced today that Tony Doming has joined the company as a Senior Solutions Consultant.

    Tony brings over 25 years of experience working with document management systems and databases in the legal industry to DocAuto's seasoned Professional Services team.  Tony has implemented, integrated, and optimized many DMS platforms, such as NetDocuments, eDocs DM, and iManage WorkSite, and holds multiple certifications for OpenText, Hummingbird, and WorkSite.

    Most recently a Senior Content Management Engineer at Traveling Coaches, Tony focused on managing OpenText, HP Autonomy WorkSite, and SQL Server projects for a wide variety of law firms and served as an expert on all aspects of content management.  Tony also led regular WorkSpace Manager Certified Engineer training courses and helped certify over 100 users.  "Having worked with us and our clients for over 7 years, Tony is well versed in DocAuto's solutions and best practices and will be a vital member of DocAuto's Professional Services team" states Joel Evans, Director of Professional Services.

  • 3/24/2015 - DocAuto Marks its 18th Year In Business by Adding a Record Breaking Number of New Clients in 2014

    March 24, 2015 - DocAuto, a globally trusted leader in Enterprise Content Management applications, is celebrating its 18th year in business by adding over 55 new companies to its extensive client base.

    In 1997, David and Lauren Kiefer founded DocAuto as a small legal technology consulting practice, which has, over the years, grown into a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management solutions and services.  Initially concentrating on the Southeastern United States, DocAuto's clients, resellers, and partners now span the globe.  In addition, DocAuto's recent expansion into the UK has allowed the company to better support their offerings to their international clients as well as attract many new clients.

    "DocAuto has always been committed to providing industry-leading applications that improve our client's work environment, while making document management easier and more effective.  Focusing on the HP WorkSite platform, Microsoft SharePoint, and Enterprise Content Management best practices has allowed the company to consistently provide reliable, flexible, and revolutionary solutions.  The recent additions of Helm, our System Monitoring and Management solution, and Unity, our Enterprise Search solution, allowed us to further expand our solutions to SharePoint and other third party applications, driving significant growth in the last calendar year" states David Kiefer, CEO of DocAuto.

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