• 5/11/16 - New White Paper: Migrating OpenText eDOCS to iManage Work

    May 12th, 2016–The DocAuto Professional Service team recently helped a large Fortune 500 telecom corporation begin the process of migrating their practice groups from OpenText eDOCS to iManage Work. This white paper provides an overview of how the DocAuto Professional Service team helped the client migrate approximately 500,000 documents while retaining document information, versions, applicable security, and folder structures. Download the White Paper here.

  • 4/14/16 - DocAuto Quarterly Newsletter

    docauto-q2-2016-newsletterIn This Issue:

    • Complying with ISO 27001
    • WorkSpace Manager Certified Engineer Training Course
    • Upcoming Events & Webinars
    • Product Updates
    • April 2016 Newsletter


  • 4/7/16 - Complying with ISO 27001 for Improved Security

    April 7, 2016–With data breaches and security topping the list of CIO's concerns for yet another year, ISO 27001 compliance is on the top of many firm's "to-do" lists. Obtaining an ISO 27001 certification will not only reassure clients that their information is handled securely, but also forces IT teams to reassess areas of risk that many have previously been overlooked.

    Adoption of ISO 27001 is a strategic decision that will be influenced by a firm's individual needs, objectives, security requirements, and organizational processes. Two of the most critical aspects of the ISO 27001 certification process are ongoing risk assessment and proper treatment of identified risks. DocAuto's Watchdog Module and IDOLytics can greatly assist in meeting these two requirements.

    Watchdog comprehensively monitors all user activity related to documents within the iManage Work document management system, including:

    • Monitoring and alerting on operations that may lead to security breaches
    • Acting on security breaches automatically, i.e., disabling user accounts in the iManage Work system
    • Adjusting activity thresholds on a user-by-user basis over time using historical information and behavior patterns
    • Automating comprehensive reporting of activity cross-referenced with data from other systems, including security tracking systems

    IDOLytics allows administrators to view, monitor, and track IDOL searches in real time, allowing for:

    • Analyzing historical search patterns for search security risk assessments
    • Alerting on attempted internal security attacks through the search interface (breaches are covered by the Watchdog Module)

    To learn more about how these solutions help your firm with critical aspects of this certification, join our upcoming webinar on May 5th at 10:00 AM EST.

  • 4/5/16 - DocAuto Brings Back WorkSpace Manager Certified Engineer Course

    April 5, 2016–DocAuto, a globally trusted leader of Enterprise Content Management solutions and services, has announced the revival of their WorkSpace Manager Certified Engineer training course.

    Originally run from 2008-2012, the WorkSpace Manager Certified Engineer training course provides attendees with the instruction and practical hands on experience needed to utilize all of WorkSpace Manager's features and functionalities in their iManage Work environment. The next WorkSpace Manager Certified Engineer training course with be held at Stephenson Harwood's offices in London on May 11th-13th. This course covers:

    • WorkSpace Manager's global and job specific options
    • How to gather data from any ODBC compliant data source then translate that data into usable forms
    • Real life exercises that walk through the creation, modification, and efficient planning of WorkSpace Manager jobs
    • Methods of carefully scheduling and monitoring WorkSpace Manager jobs
    • Continual Best Practices and tips that are necessary in creating and maintaining efficient jobs to manage your Matter-Centric architecture
    • How WorkSpace Manager can be used with other DocAuto solutions to tackle large projects such as security management, Archiving, publishing and more

    At the end of this three-day course, all attendees will be given a comprehensive test of the subjects covered in order to become official Certified Engineers. Join the over 150 WorkSpace Manager Engineers worldwide and register today!

    Originally released in 2005, WorkSpace Manager is the gold standard for automating and managing the entire Matter-Centric environment. WorkSpace Manager exclusively utilizes the approved three-tier architecture of iManage Work for unparalleled scalability, performance, and reliability.  WorkSpace Manager continuously empowers users to efficiently manage every aspect of the iManage Work environment throughout the entire WorkSpace lifecycle, as a result, WorkSpace Manager continues to be the leading 3rd party application for generating Matter-Centric WorkSpaces according to ILTA's annual technology survey.

    To register for the next WorkSpace Manager Certified Engineer training course, please click here. If you're not located in London but wish to attend a future WorkSpace Manager Certified Engineer course, let DocAuto know where the next course should be held here.

  • 3/31/16 - DocAuto’s Email Management for SharePoint Solutions Now Compatible with Matter Center

    March 31st, 2016 - DocAuto, a globally trusted leader of Enterprise Content Management solutions and services, announced today that its Email Management for SharePoint solutions are now compatible with Microsoft's Matter Center.

    Developed for the unique requirements of today's legal professionals, Matter Center offers an easy way to find and organize files within the Microsoft productivity tools legal professionals use most. With nearly 20 years of experience working with and developing solutions for the legal market, DocAuto has expanded the functionality of its popular Email Management solutions to work seamlessly with Matter Center environments in order to continually provide cutting edge software for the legal market.

    This partnership addresses the unique document management requirements of today's legal professionals and brings both Microsoft's and DocAuto's customers a complete solution to capture, organize, and manage their files and emails while increasing productivity and reducing risk. With this partnership, DocAuto's Professional Services Team will also utilize their years of technical expertise to deploy and optimize Matter Center environments.

    For more information on Email Management for SharePoint solutions and DocAuto's professional services and products, please visit www.DocAuto.com or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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